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    About Us
    Fujian xingtan market management co., LTD. Now has a rich experience, excellent style, quality excellent investigation team.Over 18 years of accumulated rich experience and modern equipment, is the industry leader.In the process of handling relevant cases for the requisition party, the text, photos, images and audio-visual materials of the requisition party are all primary materials.The company strives to obtain the customer\s approval after the material, becomes the powerful legal basis, has the very strong practical value and the effective legal evidence. The quality of the investigators is high, the technical investigation equipment is advanced, have the rich experience and the ability to deal with various complicated situations calmly, can go beyond the routine, clear the heavy fog, quickly find out the truth, obtain the effective evidence skillfully, satisfy the customer\s request to a large extent, safeguard the customer\s legitimate rights and interests.Our company is willing to help you out of trouble and provide you with considerate, meticulous and satisfactory services.
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